Originally posted on Monday, February 20, 2012

Because the world is, more often then not, a pretty fair place, Alex and mommy were granted a lovely bit of alone time today.  Now Alex’s behavior was not as much of a shock as that of his brother, but again I was so thankful to have this little bit of time with my youngest of little lovers. 

His blue eyes seem to be eternally cheerful, a smile at the ready.  His language is growing every day and now includes; mama, daddy, nono, mi-meee, popop, t-tee (auntie), tissy (sissy), jack, buddy, cho-choo, chair, cup, spoon, book, more, meatball, ball, gordee (gordon - a train), melmo (elmo), cookie (both the monster and the food), up, no, down, diaper, sock, out, door, bye-bye, hi-ah!, beep beep, and an amusing array of animal noises.  He is very concerned with the actual name for things and will ask you what things are and repeat it back to you.  Alex doesn’t babble as much as he carefully chooses the word that is best going to let us know what he wants.  
The older Alex gets the more he interacts with his sisters.  He seems determined to engage them in play, and more and more they accept it.  Alex will hand them a book to read, or take a nearby toy or lovie and make a break for it in an apparent ploy to enter into a game of chase.  His favorite, or most engrossing program on TV is Fireman Sam, and his favorite naughty activity is putting the tub toys in the toilet then coming to announce his accomplishment:  “woof-woof, pott-eee, nonono” (insert a flash of a big smile and then a quick sprint back to the scene of the crime.)  
His more humorous antic lately is pushing any adult away from their work... computers, making dinner, cleaning... if you’re standing at a counter with your back to the room Alex will wedge himself between you and the counter and push with a force so surprising you will absolutely have to step away from your task.  And if you thought for a second that you’d be upset at this interruption you’d be wrong, because you’ll look down onto that charming and a bit cunning smile, twinkly eyes, and up-stretched arms and your heart will melt.  You’ll reach your arms down and pick him up and nuzzle his neck as he points things out to you... “m-nm-mnm... cup... door...da-deeeee!”
I was so hoping to capture some of his chatter this evening, but Sir Alex was intent on one thing and one thing only... the cho-choo... As he learns more of the words and images from the books I’ve noticed that he takes better care of them, carefully turning the pages and picking out the things he recognizes.  Today I got to listen to Hero of the Rails, a Thomas the Train book.  Today Thomas the Train, tomorrow Thomas Pynchon.    It’s a joy watching him grow.  

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