welcome to the {fun} house

Here they are... our four monkeys... the subjects of this lovely bit of non-fiction.  Without them I'd have far more time on my hands, but far less to write about, and far less hugs to give and receive.  It's amazing how your life changes in an instant.  For us it was the moment we found out we were carrying twins.  From that moment on Tony and I started mentally adjusting to what our new life would be like.  We, of course, had no idea what it would actually be... but that's besides the point.  Our second moment of life altering proportions was about two years later (December of 2009) when we found out that yet again we were expecting twins.  We didn't find out the sex of the babies either time... we just kept praying that they were healthy and happy (and Tony continually added his plea that they not be jerks).

Today these kiddos far surpassed our wildest expectations, dreams, and occasionally nightmares. Every day's an adventure and we're so glad that you chose to share it with us.

So, without further adieu, I give you... the {fun} family... The DiStefano's.  Stop by anytime you'd like to add a little {fun} to your day.