Alex's Smile

Originally posted on Wednesday, March 28, 2012
 Mr. Smiles... How cute is this kid?!?  I want to eat off his little face it's so cute - and those twinkly eyes?!?  Sigh.  I love him to bits and pieces.  Don't let that smile fool you though - he hides quite a few things behind that smile... (namely tormenting a sibling and then running to us with a big smile on his face so we don't think he had anything to do with the tears in the adjoining room) but we're onto him, and that smile.  But man, what a smile.
Alex, you are, for the largest portion of the day the easiest kiddo to raise and to love.  You are talking up a storm and eagerly mimic any new word that you hear - today, in fact, you attempted avocado.  It came out like "co-co oh" but it was a valiant effort.  You already say the names of lots of the Thomas trains (your favorite being Gordan, Percey, and Lady)...  You corrected me yesterday when I said the neighbors dog was Lena (I pronounced it lean-ah you pronounced it as lay-nuh)  You love to eat and try new foods, but I think at heart, your a meat and potato kind of guy.  You'd eat more burger instead of dessert anyway.  You're inquisitive and want to help if you can, and love to figure out how things work.

You're smart too - you know the rules (even if you don't follow them) and sometimes if you know you were naughty you'll smack your own hand or bop your nose and say "no!".  It's hard to be mad at you then - which may be your plan.

You're an early riser... up by 6 nearly every day.  Sometimes when you get out of the crib and the door is left open you'll quickly make your way downstairs and we'll hear you playing with the trains or blocks - no doubt enjoying having the toys to yourself for a bit.

Your daddy would like it known that you climb on EVERYTHING... seriously, there is nothing in this house that has been untouched by your efforts to scale new heights.  The bookshelves, tables, beds, changing table, grill, every chair... it's dangerous and amazing at the same time... and you're strong which is what makes it all the more possible.  You can keep someone out of a room by leaning on a door, or push us away from the counter if we're working (yeah, you still do that).  You've also broken more things then I would have thought possible... picture frames (4) lamps (3) tables (1) mugs (5) bowls (2)... but I mostly blame myself for keeping anything that's breakable where you could get it.  You'd think I'd learn... and there isn't a malicious bone in your body - nothing like this is done on purpose.

You love your family - like really really love them.  You are devastated when Nono, PopPop, or Auntie leave you and you'll stand at the window and cry like your little heart was just ripped out of your chest.  It's really pitiful.  You love your siblings so much - you often know just how to soothe "buddy", even if you were the one to upset him in the first place.  You give more hugs and kisses then anyone in the house and I try to steal as many of them as I can for myself... you give the cutest little kisses.  You'll put your hands on the side of our faces, purse your lips and lean in with a nice "mmmmmmMA!" sound effect.  They're adorable.  You love to give your sissy's hugs too, but they are still a bit wary of you.

If everyone would just give you hugs back and throw things around with you, you'd be happy as a clam, but if your siblings are not giving you the attention you want, you'll grab it - by taking a toy and running with it, or giving them a nice bop on the head.  This will usually send them in tears to us, or running after you to retrieve their toy - which, I'm pretty sure is exactly what you wanted to happen.

I think the biggest challenge with you right now is how to keep you in your bed to sleep... you seem to defy us at every turn, and you think it's pretty funny when you do.  There are times that daddy and I think everyone is in bed - and we'll go out front to work in the garden when we hear a little tap tap tap... We'll look up and there's the top of your head, visible only to your eyes, peeking out from beneath the curtain, watching all that's going on.  I think that's it really - you just don't want to miss anything!

You love to read, you love to sing, and you love to be outside and play.  You are our little lover.  The best hugger, the best kisser, and of course, you've got that great smile.  We love you to pieces little man.
~Love Mommy

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