A clean boy

Originally posted on Monday, February 13,  2012

There’s sickness in the house.  
There are no fevers, but there are tears.  There is vomiting.  And oh is there diarrhea.  TMI?  I’m sorry. 
The doctor has been consulted and apparently there is this thing... a thing where kids throw up one day, feel just a tad off kilter for 5 days, and then let it all out the other end.  The ladies mustered this virus with aplomb really... somehow padding their little feet to the bathroom (or bathtub), and getting to the potty before disaster be-felled us all.  No one should or could expect that the boys would go as easily.  A few days ago little Jack, after a morning of whining, finally had a diaper mess to end all diaper messes and then shortly there after threw up all over his high chair.  For the final end of the virus Alex chose to wake up from his nap so completely covered in...uh... diaper bits... that there was no choice but to remove all clothes (as the mess had even pooled in his socks, and reached up to the bottom of his hair), and get this boy in the tub.  I let him soak for longer than necessary... hoping the water would disinfect him in some way and in the very least brighten his mood.  After 1/2 and hour of boats and bubbles we had one very clean and very happy little man.  Good riddance virus.  Good Riddance.  

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