In With The New

It is with a sense of desperation and urgency that I write today... it's the first day or our new family blog, but certainly not the first day of our family blog.  We've been recording our days {and nights} for the past few years on iWeb, but to my horror, I discovered only today that the platform that served as our baby book for the last 3 years is soon to be dismantled!  GASP! And so it was that I abandoned my husband and lovely children today in search of a new family blog platform.  Nothing like ignoring your children so that you can record their lives... there's such a dysfunctional irony in my life these days.

After investigating prefab designs and diy sites I think we've settled on the amazing {read free} blogger platform.  The lovely Aunt Sallie has been using blogger for the past year on her site:  sallieoh and she's managed to make it oh so cute.  What's good for one sister is good for another... so we thought we'd give blogger a go too.

Hey, why not.

Now friends, I can't imagine that I'll be able to get too many fabulous posts up right away as I will feverishly be copying the last 3 years of our lives to some printable format, but in the meantime I do hope that this keeps all interested parties updated on the goings on in the DiStefano household.  Here's a picture of our monkeys to hold you over...
Until next time...


  1. This could be the start of the Great American Novel! Looking forward to the next installment! Love you all!

    1. Thanks Momma! I'm still very sad that the archives are gone, but glad we have a space to keep sharing the kids adventures with everyone. At least this one has a better web address! xoxo

  2. Hey sis! Welcome to the internet!! Since talking with you this morning and thinking about your predicament I've considered on more than one occasion that you were the ONLY person using iweb! I really don't know of anyone else!! But no matter - I hope you like your new home.

  3. I' m beginning to think the same thing sis!