The Kingdom Dance

Originally posted on Friday, March 9, 2012
 Seriously Cute Disclaimer:  VIDEO COMING SOON {as soon as I get to it }
This may have been one of the cuter things I’ve witnessed in a long time.  The girls are pretty much in love with Tangled {Rapunzle} right now... they ask me to play the songs over and over as they act out what happens at that particular time in the movie.  Tonight it was the Kingdom Dance.  Over and Over...  I played it and they danced. 
They took turns being the audience and being the dancer.  They performed together.  They requested it be filmed (you know, for posterity).  Emma, in particular, took her role quite seriously.
“How’dya like that move? You like it?  I’ll do it again”.  
“Okay mommy, Okay sissy, Get ready for the big finish!”
They appropriately cheered and clapped and danced with such abandon it made me want to join in.  They were so unconditionally happy, so caught up in the moment I am nearly positive that in their heads they were in a Medieval town wearing a beautiful dress as they twirled barefoot on cobblestones underneath the purple buntings.  In their heads they were surrounded by friends and family all caught up in the same dance - so serious was their concentration that I too could almost see the scene.  We were no longer in Mommy and Daddy’s room... we were in a beautiful kingdom from long long ago.
They danced so long and so hard that after nearly 30 minutes of continual motion I think Emma actually developed a side stitch, but it didn’t slow her down.  
That night they both fell easily to sleep. When I asked what they wanted to dream of they said “dancing”.
May you always dance with such joy my loves.

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