Originally posted on Friday, February 17, 2012

The blessings of a full house are too numerous to mention.  I’ll let you know when I come up with the list.  The difficulties... well sometimes it feels they’re too numerous to mention as well - though the one that gets to Tony and I the most is the feeling that we don’t spend enough time with each of the kiddos - individually.  Sometimes we feel like we’re co-ordinating a battle operative, not dealing with individual people.  The days can pass in a blur of clothes, tubs, dishes, and diapers.  We find ourselves trying to fill each other in on the most insignificant details of the kids days - grasping at the tiniest straw in order to paint a picture of who our children are.

So when an opportunity presents itself to spend time with just one of the kiddos - as it did tonight - you seize it.  (I say this also as a way to justify my lack of contribution to the general household duties that my awesome husband selflessly engaged in.) After dinner, as Tony trooped upstairs to put laundry away I found myself, as expected, surrounded by the troops.  But within minutes the allure of another part of the house called, and soon Alex, Emma, and Amabelle went upstairs; in search of Daddy and a new mess to make.  I believe this particular mess involved every block, toy food, and dress up item in the girls room.  
Jack and I lay on the floor near the bookshelf and I found myself transfixed by his eyelashes.  The upturned curve of his lip,  His dimpled hands with his left thumb swollen from sucking.  As we played Jack cleverly and patiently took out puzzle pieces and gently replaced them, chattering away.  When he finished with one puzzle he lifted the board and attempted to put it back on the shelf before moving onto a new challenge.  
It was a puzzling and eye opening experience for me... as I usually witness Jack impulsively moving from one activity to the next - often lured away by the shine of something new (preferable something that a sibling was holding).  To see him actively engaged in the same task for over half an hour - something I would probably have assumed not possible at this stage in his life - made me realize again how important it is for us to take the time BE with each of the kids individually.   In the quiet of the early evening I saw another side to my wavy haired little boy.  I loved what I saw.

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