The Salon

This winter we ended up falling into a bit of a weekly beauty ritual.  It started as the weather grew colder and we were reluctant to put the girls to bed with wet heads.  This had less to do with the wet heads = sickness factor and more to do with the moldy pillow and bizarre hair-do factor.  The girls would wake up in the morning with matted cowlick accentuated nests that took 10 minutes to undo every morning.  On the PreSchool days these were minutes we just didn’t have... And so we started putting the time in at night!  

I kind of dig it actually, and the girls don’t fuss either.  They grab a magazine or tell stories about their days while I spray “fancy sauce” on their heads and give them a royal blowout, round brush and all.  It takes me about 3 minutes to dry Emmy’s hair.  It takes about 10 minutes to dry Bella’s hair.  

So for a  few minutes two times a week the bathroom is filled with the smells of gentle hair products, dryers, and the chatter of little girls.

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