Spring Craft: Collaged Egg Bunting

This was the latest in our spring craft creations.  It was super easy and super fun!   Presenting our Collaged Easter Egg Bunting!
I started with some precut pieces of tissue paper (I wish I would have made a little trip to the store to grab some pastel colors, but the kids were into the bright ones).  I had two different sizes of pre-cut eggs, and background border paper.

We used some watered down ModPodge to attach the tissue to the background, glued them to the background with Elmers, and then let them dry.  

This was pretty rad for me because it was the first time that the boys showed any interest in joining us!  How much fun is this - craft time with the whole family?!?  

Our beautiful niece Mackenzie joined us today as well - my girls are always so excited when she comes to play for the day!  They all worked to carefully and intently.  Emma and Belle made 2 large eggs a piece, and Alex and Jack made 2 small eggs each.  The girls were into this for over an hour and a half - and my men made it nearly 30 minutes (which I thought was remarkable considering the only other thing they've done for me was eat a crayon.)

After all of our eggs were dry we punched holes in the sides and strung a ribbon through them.  (I secured  the ribbon on the back with a piece of tape.)  Just for fun, we used some ribbon scraps to add tassels between each egg and added our favorite button decorations to cover the hole for the string (which, admittedly looks like eyes now, but the girls are button fiends, what can I say?)

Our finished bunting proudly displayed on the mantle - pretty fun, right?


  1. I can't believe the boys did this already!! Fantastic!

  2. I was impressed too! They held out way longer then I thought they would (though lots of the time was spent trying to remove the paper from their own fingers... but hey, baby steps!)

  3. Well done, DiStefanos! Let me know if you find any more awesome Lorax crafts!!