...Bring May Flowers

They all arrived a few weeks early, coaxed into spring by our unusually mild winter.  The April showers were sparse and light, but May first brought with it a splendid array of flowers in our little garden.  After dinner, the girls, daddy and I took a tour of the yard.  The girls helped me snap these pictures.

This scotch broom was a housewarming gift from my former co-workers at Boyertown Elementary.  Now in it's fourth year it is lovely, dense, and does a splendid job of hiding the electrical box - its primary function.
Our Iris's (appropriated from the garden of a family friend) are the highlight of our front yard.  Everyone says so.  Just ask the two people who did:  Grandma and Mimi.  They are prolific, covered with blooms, and so healthy looking.  Hurray for free plants that do well!  This little beauty was the very first one to unfurl it's petals revealing, what the girls called, a beautiful fuzzy caterpillar inside.
The very last cherry blossom flower on the front tree.  Just a day after I snapped the pictures of the tree in full bloom for a previous post, the expected storm rolled through and shook all of the pretty pink flowers to the ground.  For a day Emma and Belle delighted in the pink grass underneath the Cherry Tree's branches.
Our newest garden addition, the magnolia blossom bush.  It reveals Amabelle's favorite Kitty Willows in the early spring, then sprouts a very southern plantation like magenta blossom.  It is a stunner, I can't wait to see it at it's full size!
And the final early bit of color - our rescued rhododendron from Mimi and PopPops trash pile.  It was nearly at deaths door - but being in a new home with empty beds and no cash flow - Tony figured we had nothing to loose.  He trimmed it up, planted it beneath soil enriched with coffee grounds and has never stopped telling me how great of a job he did on this little baby.  It's a far cry from the full 4 foot bushes of our neighbors, but you can see that it's spindly branches are trying - and we've got nothing but time to give it.


  1. Really stunning pictures Katie! Yet another career possibility for one of my creative offspring?