Daddy's Helper

It's one of the greatest mysteries on Rosebud Street.  The child who covers his ears if the conversation gets too loud - yet screams the loudest also runs terrified of the Vacuum - but insists on pushing the dust buster.  Each time the garbage disposal is turned on the little man runs to your side, looks up, eyes wide and says "dada okay? okay dada?"  The same situation with the hair dryer.  And he absolutely will not leave your side until the sound has abated and he is assured of your well being.  He cries at loud horns.  Runs for your arms when neighbors cut their grass... so why is it that when Tony cut the grass this weekend, Jackson followed along until daddy had no choice but to let Jack help too.

Daddy's cut the side yard much faster, but I don't know the last time I saw him smile as much while doing it.  Jack seemed to take a deep personal satisfaction out of a) knowing he was helping b) protecting daddy from the "maun-mau-aow" and c) working with a real machine.   I'm sure this will be his first official memory - but even if it's not this seems to be exactly what a Saturday with Daddy should be about. 

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  1. Such a big boy! I always say he reminds me so much of the grown up twins but boy oh boy in that first picture he is a little Anthony!!