Today was the first, of what I can only assume will be many many internal conversations that I will have with myself about the girls (and boys) choice of clothing.  As previously stated I dig it when we all look co-ordinated.  I love when the kids look put together.  I will frequently grab one of the four mid sprint to comb their hair, straighten a skirt, or untuck a shirt... usually while saying something like... "hold on a second... you look like nobody loves you..."  So when Emma said she really wanted to wear this big pink flower with the black band to school today - it took all of my will power to agree.

Emma has always been into fashion a bit, and definitely has her own ideas of what she wants to wear.  Her tastes lean towards dresses - the fancier the better.  If possible, princess dresses or items with glitter should be layered over top of the first dress resulting in something that looks a lot like this (The fabulous artwork is covering  a lot of the get up - but she refused to be photographed without it.)

So far there have been no issues between "going out" outfits and "at home" outfits... Dress ups stay inside.  The odd hair baubles, jewels, hats, and boas?  Inside.  Cleverly coordinated dress and cardi?  Yeah, you can wear that out.  Today though, I could not sway her...
"Don't you want to keep the flower at home where it's safe and we can put it on right when you get home?"
"Um, I don't think so, Mommy, I think it will look beautiful if I wear it to school with my dress".
"How about we wear your yellow headband instead?"
"But don't you think this flower is beautiful?  I would love to wear this beautiful flower to school!"


I mean really - what could it hurt?  I DID try to arrange it nicely on her head, even though I saw first head for 8 years what happens to hair wraps once they get to school - they get pulled off and replaced in some odd manner that has bangs sticking straight up and the rest of their hair matted down in some mekling manner.  (To think, I used to wonder why in the world the parents of these children sent them to school with these bizarre do's.)   As expected - when Emma came home from school she was wearing her bow (as in the pictures) kind of Rambo like across her forehead.

I certainly don't want to get into any sort of battle about clothes at this early age - and I was, to be quite honest, a bit fearful of squashing Emma's absolute conviction that she looked nothing short of amazing.  What I wouldn't give to have that kind of confidence each time I left the house.  That carefree character that manages to convince everyone around you that you feel good and look good - regardless of trend or style.  Is this something that we loose as adults, as we become more aware of our surroundings?  If so, that totally bites and if there is any way I can prevent the loss of this confidence I would love to do so. Or maybe, it is just something that is just in us - kind of genetic?  It could be possible that she inherited this from her daddy and  if so, I should be the last person around to squelch this type of personal expression.  Sexually explicit dress as a teenager?  You can bet I'll be opening my mouth and more to stop that - but funky hair flowers?  Layers of beads and lace?  Bring it on.

We had a few looks, an odd stare, and a comment about the choice of hair attire when we arrived at school this morning - but Emma, being her amazing radical self, smiled and whispered "thank you!" which made me smile and say "she looks wonderful, doesn't she?".  And she did. I'm starting to see her love of accessories rubbing off on the boys - I hope they are equally confident in their choices as they grow!

And a parting shot of Emmaline Rose... Our glamour inspiration.


  1. And she does look bee-YOU-tee-full!!! That awful self consciousness will set in along with B.O. and acne in no time - let her wear her Rambo hair flower like a rockstar while she can - she won't have this kind of "I don't give a damn!" attitude again until she's 80...

    1. HA! And then she'll be all stripy-dipey-do!

  2. Sallie you are so right! Besides how bad can an adorable 4 year old look? Nothing but adorable!