daddy's home!

At 6:30 on Tuesday night Daddy came home - sporting a new haircut no less!  (Thanks for the peer pressure applied in South Dakota!)  I wish I could have videoed the kids faces when they saw him for the first time after a week... their eyes lit up their grins stretched wide... they looked like they got a personal visit from a disney princess - and then they tackled him to the ground.  Daddy had an equally giddy grin on his face.  His ultimate hugs, kisses, and patience of a saint lasted until about 5 am the next morning.  (I lost the bet - I thought the whining would wear him down by tubs).

Daddy had a completely amazing time visiting with his family and has talked non-stop of taking everyone back to SD to see all of the amazing sites.  Mount Rushmore, the bears, the turtles, the largest reptiles, the cabins and horse rides, the lakes, and his amazing family... He painted such a beautiful picture of his visit that a return trip is definitely on our to do list - as soon as it's feasible to get these four monkeys on a plane.

Welcome Home Daddy... we're so glad to have our number one man back.


  1. Awww!! This post got me a bit teary - couldn't tell ya why! That Tony...

  2. Yeah... He does that to me too

  3. He's a good guy alright....