lovely little bunting

Inspired by the many beautiful mantle designs that we see all over the web, my girls and I set out to make a lovely little bunting for valentines day.  Although I'm very late in telling you about it... this craft adorned our home for well over a month and was super simple to make.  Keep it in mind for next year!  

We started with 4x6 craft paper cards and tore them down the fold so that each card yielded 2 bunting flags.  We then then cut a small "V" out of the bottom of each card.  I traced circles and hearts on assorted vintage scrap papers and my budding artists helped me cut them out using fancy scissors.  Scrapbook stickers helped to spell out the holiday message.  The three of us worked together to layer our circles, hearts and letters onto each background and then used distressing ink to rough up the appearance a bit.  

In the interest of time, (the boys naps were drawing to a close) we stapeled the cards to white ribbon and used washi tape to attach it to our mantle.  We had a few extra cards left over so we made a little bunting for the foyer mirror.  The result was a simple but cheerful reminder of love and one that made use smile during the darkest month of the year.

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