Dressing Up

Originally published on Saturday, February 11, 2012



Dressing up is fun to do for everyone.  Well maybe not Daddy, but lots of other people.  The trick is how to dress up with one person who always insists on being the princess and only one bona-fide male outfit... (not that I’m trying to be sexist with the costuming... I’ve tried to get emma in the firefighter outfit, but you’d have to wrestle her out of cinderella first.)  ANYWHO, dress ups is one of Mommy’s personal fav. Saturday activities.  It provides a change of scenery (as the dress ups are split between the girls room and the basement), and allows us all to be someone else for a bit.
This particular weekend you can see Dr. Alex (specializes in checking the heartbeat... in your forehead), Princess Emma, Train Conductor/Fairy/Teen Queen Belle, and Firefighter Jack, (specializing in screaming so loud that the victims scramble out of the burning home in fear.)  
Daddy came home to see his monkeys decked out and enjoying (sort of) each others company.  Regardless,  It was a good solid 15 minutes of fun for Mommy.  Rock on.

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