I've Got Friends in Small Places

Originally Published Friday, February 10, 2012
More often than not in recent days, you can find the boys together... in some small space or another.  The closet,  the toy box, Jack’s crib (as Alex can climb out of his crib and then into Jacks... which is, through frightening, incredibly cute... It would be impossible not to say awwww if you opened the door to their room and witnessed the two of them cuddled together asleep.)  As I rarely have a camera with me first thing in the morning, our documentation of this dynamic duo is just what you see here... the boys shoulder to shoulder on or in the toy box.  
You may recall that the girls had a similar fascination around one and a half years of age.  The gentlemen, however, in true male chromosome fashion, take everything to the next level.  Blindly tossing hard and soft toys over their shoulders so that the box is empty, balancing on one foot while trying to grab the hats from the rack above them, stopping our hearts by pretending to jump off the box and then practically slapping their knees in amusement.  
I love my boys.  100%... but the best part about their current affinity for cramming into crannies is that the mess and destruction is confined to a  smaller area.  Love you men!

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