Easy Like Sunday Mornings

Originally posted on Sunday, March 11, 2012
Out treat at the end of a long week is Sunday mornings.... the only day that neither Tony or I work, is Sunday Mornings... No one has to get dressed by 7:30, no one has to rush out the door, or log on anywhere and we all LOVE it.  Daddy, in particular, has taken ownership of the Sunday Morning and has now perfected the waffle.  Each Sunday we all gather round to eat his creations  everyone of us consuming far more then we should, in all rights, be able too.  Everyone has their particular syrup/butter quotient and individual eating style... 

Mommy:  Butter, light on the syrup, precut small squares (pinky up)
Daddy:  No butter, light syrup, shove it all in your mouth at one time (jk... sortof)
Emma:  LOTS of syrup, no butter, precut small squares, fork shovel method
Bella:  LOTS of syrup, no butter, precut squares - one piece at a time (side of juice please)
Jack: tiny pieces doled out in small batches - one fist method (hope for the best)
Alex: anything - any size - two fist method - it WILL get in his mouth.
It’s a great start to what typically is a great day.  Everyone’s relaxed.  More often then not we cap the day at Mimi and Poppops so there’s little mess at home, we may go to the store, we may play out side... but we will always have waffles.

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