Spring on the Deck

Originally published on Monday, March 12, 2012

This moment of brotherly joy brought to you today by Jackson and Alexander.  A little sunshine, a folding chair, a push toy and lots of smiles.  The two boys were out here for over an hour, giggling and playing as happy as could be.  Even though financially I occasionally regret putting on the deck, I simply cannot argue with the benefits it has brought to us as a family
- we’re able to cook in kitchen while the kids play outdoors in a safe area.  It extends our living space and invites us into the fresh air.  Tony and I have big plans on staining it and treating it over spring break this year - not sure if it’s a pipe dream or a reality at this point, but we’re thankful that we have this spot for the kiddos to play in the breeze.  This time of year they just cannot wait to go outdoors. Bring on the warm weather, we need it!

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