Originally posted on Friday, March 16, 2012
You are currently 44 months old... that’s a bit over 3 1/2 - but sometimes you sound like you’re closer to 13.  You love learning and then applying what you’ve just learned.  You crack us up when you repeat your knowledge for us, adding your usual sensitive spin:  “Mommy, I bet Pluto was sad when they told him he wasn’t a planet anymore... maybe when he gets bigger like the other planets he can ask to be one again.  It would be so nice of the other planets to do that, right?” and...  “It’s important to save water, Mommy - some places don’t have clean water so we must save it for them”.

You are so inquisitive, you want to know what everyone’s doing, why they are doing it and if you can help - which brings me to the other thing that you adore - helping.  You get such a kick out of knowing you made someone happy.  You’ve surprised me several times in the last few weeks by cleaning up all the toys downstairs without being asked.  You love to wipe up the table after you eat (which is fortunate, as you are just about the messiest eater I’ve ever seen).  You love to run and play, are learning how to swing on your own, but still prefer to dance above all other things.  
You adore music and will ask me to play specific songs for you - your tastes range from the Nutcracker, to Broadway Show tunes, from Rap to Oldies, to Pop.  As long as there’s a catchy melody and a good beat, you’re in heaven (you’re much like your mommy that way).  I love watching your face when you listen to songs... I can see the music flowing through you.  When a song first comes on you stay totally still, eyes wide, staring into space.  Then, as the melody becomes familiar, a little smile touches your lips and your eyes dance.  Within moments you’ll start to move and sway to the beat - but you stay quiet so that you can hear all the parts of the song.  When it’s over you’ll either ask for it again, or you’ll hum it to yourself as you move onto another adventure.  I can only imagine that music will in some way, play an important part in your life.
At night, you are still happiest with a cuddle, song, and some hand holding.  You love if we turn your bug nightlight to green and then want to take a moment to dance through the stars reflecting all around your room.  You prefer tubs to showers, bubbles to water.  You still scribble rather than draw, but take pride in using as many colors as possible.  Your favorite stories include the Lorax, The Pout Pout Fish, and Tumford the Terrible.  You love school and are super excited to go each Tuesday and Thursday.  Your favorite foods include nutella sandwiches, cantaloupe, asparagus, and absolutely any pasta and meat.  If possible, you prefer to sip on mommy’s coffee.
Every day you’re becoming more and more of a big sister.  You are always looking out for the boys and have really started to teach them about kindness.  Because of your example they are giving more and more hugs and kisses and are starting to be the good buddies that you want them to be.  You’re helping us teach them about sharing and kindness, patience and how to be a part of a big family.
You are an absolute gem and a joy to your mommy and daddy each and every day.  Your smile and giggle light up the room and your silly jokes (what did the umbrella say to the ant?  you better be strong like me but if you’re not you’re gonna end up in the mud!) dissolve you and everyone around you into laughter.  We look forward to seeing what amazing things you will do in the next 3 1/2 years my dear!  Love and kisses to you always!


  1. Yeah, she's pretty great that one. Working on a Bella re-cap soon!