Originally posted on Thursday, March 15, 2012

This morning while getting dressed in a bleary state of desperation - the closet collapsed around me.  The organizers ripped right out of the wall, leaving me covered in a mountain of often unused clothes.  I sat amidst the rubble for a moment or two, lip quivering, not sure which way to turn. 

For some reason, this one thing seemed to be more upsetting the the insurance battles, long hours, and kid worries... it was just too much to deal with.  Then Tony came to my rescue... LEAVE IT, he said, hoisting me out of the mess... Grab something to wear and then close the door - I’ll take care of it later... And that’s just what he did.  Somehow we got the girls to school on time, I was able to make my meeting, and hold my help sessions, and the closet was a thing of the past.  When all the kids were settled in bed, Tony took out his drill, found the studs in the wall and proceeded to fix the whole thing.  What a man.  


  1. He's two in a million - I have the other one:)

  2. He even put the clothes back... He's wonderful.