Field Trip

Originally posted on Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What a particularly stellar day today was!  Cashing in on the job perk of working from home (and a personal day) I was able to accompany the girls on their preschool field trip to the Reading Planetarium.  

This week the students had been studying the planets - and the girls (we were told by their teachers) were really eager learners.  They can, in fact, relay all of the planets to you, should you care to hear them, and as such were really excited to “see” the planets today.  

We met daddy and the rest of the class there at 9:30 this morning and saw a fun first planetarium show in the theater titled “In my back yard”.  It focused on the plants, bugs, animals, and stars that are visible in our area and was punctuated with fun songs that the girls eagerly sang along to.  After the show the girls were super excited to check out the moon display in the museum and then joined their classmates for a snack of water and pretzels.  Afterwards we walked around the museum grounds, picking daisies, looking for fish, ducks, and squirrels.  We chatted with the teachers a bit (learning that the girls have excellent imaginations, love learning, and have a great relationship at school) and then, because we still had some time, we stopped by MHS to see where mommy has been spending her time each night.

The girls loved exploring the back stage area (I’m so mad at myself for not taking pictures of them here) climbing all around the large boat, looking at the costumes, and exploring all set pieces.  And then, for a super fun treat, we walked down to see if Mimi was available for a quick hello.  This, of course, was the highlight of the girls trip.
Emma and Belle were, as their pop pop would say, good as gold and better.  They remembered their manners, and were enchanted by all that they saw... and I had just enough time to do a bit of grading during nap time before heading back to school to prep the actors hair for picture night.  It was a completely wonderful day.  

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