Chasing Shadows

Originally posted on Monday, March 19, 2012

This is a crazy week coming up - with me working 8-4 and somehow managing  to be Muhlenberg High every day from 3:30-10 for Anything Goes dress rehearsals and performances.  Our wonderful family was working overtime, coming to the house early and helping to watch kids overnight or at odd times... All this is to say that I FAILED in my picture a day mission.
Total Fail.  I'm so disappointed in me.  Honestly, I don't know that I saw the kids much this week, let alone snapped a photo of them (save the field trip on Tuesday).  Luckily I have a few extra pictures that didn't quite fit into previous posts, and now I have a chance to share them. Starting off the wee are a few extra pictures from our St. Patricks party - the kids playing on Mimi and PopPop's.  I know the shots aren't very clear, but there was something I loved about them.

It is very rare indeed for us to capture all four kiddos in the same shot, so that's pretty spectacular, but I also loved the spring sun that was casting a dreamy light over everything.  I loved that for the first time in months I could see their cute little arms and legs.  I loved watching the girls chase their shadows around the yard - the shadows growing larger as they day wore on.  It was a quiet moment pre cursing a very loud and hectic week.

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves of these moments - they're the ones we always want more of, but forget to enjoy when they arrive.

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