A Little Bit Prep

My OCD comes out of the closet when I get the kids dressed in the morning.  It's a real problem.  Whenever possible, I like to dress all of them (and myself, if possible) in co-ordinating hues, trends, or layers as though we're all on our way to a photo shoot.  The shit of it is, I hardly ever manage to get a picture of all the kids together, so it really is a wasted effort on my part.  I can tell myself this, but when the opportunity arises, I will pull out polo shirts for everyone (skinny jeans and a navy izod sweater for mommy), and I will feel great about the organized and picture perfect start of our day.

Poor Tony.  A) He never has anything to co-ordinate with my crazy efforts - not that he gives a hoot about them.  B)  He is frequently baffled and irritated if I don't get to their closets first and end up walking in - girls in denim dresses behind me - and pause in obvious distress at the warm up suit that is half way up Alex's legs...  Honestly, I don't know how he puts up with me... but he does.  And more often then not, he'll roll his eyes and say "what did you want them to wear" all long suffering like, and makes the switch.

I would like to blame this particular compunction on having twins... and having outfits purchased for the pairs that obviously go together.  (Dresses curtesy of Mimi and PopPop, Boys Polos curtesy of Grandma and Nono).  It seems to throw of the closet if the outfits are not worn with their intended matches.  And then the laundry issues... You just can't tell what will end up where if you don't keep things together.  There's a system people!  But if I'm honest (and why not... you most likely know this about me anyway) the seeds of this were in me long long ago... when I changed my t-shirt because it didn't match my under ware.

The weather was mild the other evening, so the girls headed outside, be-decked in their preppy finery.  How cute do they look in these little dresses from Mimi?  They look like they belong on the golf course.  (Which, of course, is a photo I tried to stage, but the boys were melting down pelted someone with a golf club and ran away so I cut my losses.)  The girls were more then content to dig in the dirt, sweep the walkway, and turn the driveway into an artistic masterpiece.  And damn if they didn't look good doing it!

check out Amabelle's T-Rex... (it's next to my not at all impressive version)
- but she did that one all on her own!


  1. hey, at least you try! Matching clothes for all children? Now that's quite a feat!

    1. I'm so glad you approve, Madalynne! I must admit, that today we are all in denim with navy and white accents, yesterday it was navy and gold... It's just so TEMPTING! I had a glimpse of your closet too in one of your earlier posts... I suspect that if given the opportunity the color co-ordination there would render itself to outfit matching whenever possible! Thanks again for stopping by to see our crazy clan!