Do Over...

So that happened... and by that I mean a ridiculous mess and by a ridiculous mess I mean the newly arranged closet organizer that my husband so kindly put back for me a few weeks ago during a particularly keen melt down pulled completely out of the wall.  I'd say it happened round about 4 am.  last Thursday.  One part of my brain heard the thundering crash and thought - that gosh darn closet organizer fell out of the wall again.  The other part of my brain heard the crash and yelled - clumsy intruder!  SCREAM! So I did what both parts of my brain said and then listened to Tony as he swore under his breath, rolled over and said, "well I'm not fixing it now..."  And so we wend back to sleep, hoping it was a dream.
It wasn't.

I'll spare you the in process photos this time around, but once again, Tony and I spent loads of time on task that could and should have been any number of other things.  Like entering report card grades.  However, the turn around time was fantastic.  Less then 24 hours after the second crash the new and improved organizer was in place.  Tony bought the heavy duty one this time and I stressed for the better part of 3 hours over exactly what arrangement to place the shelves in for optimal clothes organization.  I stressed about it so long that Tony grew tired of my hemming and hawing, hung the back braces and basically said "have fun" and left the room to go buy new screen material to fix the sliding door that the boys destroyed and have subsequently been using "doggy door" style for the better part of 2 weeks.

Sometimes when faced with an ultimatum I go into action mode and get. shit. done.  And that's totally what happened.  I rallied, grabbed a step ladder, read me some directions, elicited the help of the girls so I didn't feel like I was neglecting them and went to town.  The girls had a blast, and I think it was good for them to see mommy with a hammer hanging shelving units.  They got a real charge out of it and were actually fantastic little helpers, fetching me different brackets, end caps, and cleaning up all the scraps. (Emma was so upset that she had to go to bed before it was finished - and ran into the room in the morning to see the end result:  "ooohhh mommy!  It looks beautiful!  Let's pick something to wear")

It kind of does look beautiful too.  It's like my favorite room in the house now.  I want to sleep in there... Its a mini store and it's filled from stem to stern with my not so fancy clothes.  I've got more room for the dresses here, and the pants are so accessible.  It's the closest I'll ever be to those Pinterest closets I covet.  Here's hoping it stays up this time because if this monstrosity falls down it's taking the foyer wall with it, and something tells me Tony won't be so amiable the third time!


  1. Holy crap! Your closet crashed AGAIN?!?! This is why I keep my clothes on a pile on the floor... they're just gonna end up there in the end anyway...

    1. Well the pile on the floor was certainly less destructive! I suppose one could say that 300 pounds of clothes should not be affixed to the front of a wall... but this new set up promises that it supports 300 pounds per vertical support (and there are FIVE vertical supports!!!) I'm really hoping this works, because I don't want to go through this again. That night crash was SCARY!!!