A Little Flash Back

Originally posted on Friday, March 23, 2012

While perusing our old blog, I happened upon these postings of the four kids from this time last year.  You don't always realize how much they change until you see it smacking you in the face.  I thought perhaps the family would enjoy this little time warp as much as I did.

 "I'm not a monkey doodle, Mommy, I'm a big girl!"  who would have thought that this blue eyed angel faced baby would grow into such a vibrant and strong willed two year old?  She say's the funniest things; "oh look, mommy, here's you're good friend daddy!" and "Oh No.  Alex has ears!"  You'll have us laughing and quoting you for days.  At 28 months you are 35 inches and 27 pounds - our favorite thing to cuddle.  You love to hear the Little Drummer Boy and the Thomas song.  You won't go anywhere without your blankie, and tote "little tiny baby ghosty" around with you - even in the summer.Your kindness shines through in your willingness to help mommy and daddy clean up a mess, fetch diapers for your brothers, and bring sissy her loves when she's sad.  You are stingy with your hugs but are quite eager to give an affectionate pat and cuddle while we read you story after story.  And when we've finished reading you'll slide off our laps, grab a new book from the shelf and continue to read aloud to yourself - you're just that smart.  You've been known to make big messes (turning on the tub water and getting in fully clothed), but you're such a sweetheart that we quickly find ourselves soothed by your cool headed phrases:  "Don't be sad mommy, it will dry".  And it always does.
Yep, this is you... sometimes mommy and daddy think you look like an adult with your expressions but in your heart you're still little Emmie... a tough little package hiding a big huge heart.  Your sensitivity to others sometimes upsets you, but it helps to make you a kind person.  You love to read and play with sissy, keep your ear open for a crying baby, and are always asking "mommy can me help you?".  Now that mommy is working every day you like to come and visit in the office which makes your mommy very happy.  You love to play and learn new things with Auntie Carole and Nono, and adore your adventures with Mimi and PopPop.  I think you're like a race horse because you still love to "run and run and run".  If you can't get outside you run all around mommy and daddy's bedroom until you get out of breath.  Despite all of your energy, you love a cuddle and a good nap - especially if you can convince someone to sleep with you too!  Your favorite songs are Jingle Bells, The Little Drummer Boy, and Aye Aye Emma.  You can take or leave any toy, as long as you have your bunny.  At 28 months you are 34.5 inches, and 25 pounds and we love every part of it.

 Our little man, Jackson - you are 6 months, 26 inches, and 16.5 pounds.  You adore Michael Row Your Boat Ashore, Silent Night, and Aye Aye Jackson.  You are happiest looking at faces, hearing mommies voice, and sucking your thumb.  You are such a happy little man.  You rarely cry, but when you do it's pretty upsetting to anyone who hears it.  Only lack of sleep and an empty tummy can make you cry, unfortunately you're a twin, so you occasionally have to wait for one or more of those things.  Mommy and Daddy can calm you down with lots of rocking, patting, and humming, and before you know it, you're happy again.  You've been rolling over for about a month, but haven't figured out how to do it with enough precision to get where you want to go.  You're very active and love to move your arms and legs about.  PopPop makes you laugh by moving your arms like you're plain the drums!  Your favorite thing to do in all the world is to watch people talk.  It makes you giggle and laugh and when you do that you end up getting lots and lots of hugs, which you don't seem to mind too much either!
You may be the youngest of our babies, but you're a pretty tough cookie.  At 6 months you weigh 17 pounds and are 26 1/4 inches!  You and Jack both love to hear Silent Night, Michael Row Your Boat Ashore, and Aye Aye Alex... maybe it's because I sang those to your sissy's so much while you were still in my belly.  You love studying faces, chewing on teething rings, and sucking on your fist.  You used to have a bit of a reputation for being a tad bit cranky (in retrospect I think that you and I had some rough times with early nursing), but really, as far as babies go, you're pretty great.  You've slept through the night since you were 2 1/2 months old, you eat on a regular schedule all day and only cry when you're sleepy.  One of our favorite things about you is your laugh.  It came so early and it's so spontaneous and contagious that it makes everyone else laugh and smile too.  And if there's one thing that you like more than eating your yummies, it's seeing a smiling face - and we're all only too happy to oblige.

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