2012 Spring Musical

Originally posted on Saturday, March 24, 2012

This weekend brought an end to the two months of work on the set of Anything Goes... but more it brought an end to the 4 years that I spent working with a great group of HS kiddos.  The show actually surprised us all and turned out to be a real crowd pleaser - great dancing, laughs, and of course one kicking set.

It’s kind of difficult to grasp the scope of the scenery unless you saw it finished, and in person -but this was one HUGE boat (you can see it in its early stages above.  My camera and piddily flash didn’t do it justice, so I’m hoping the professional shots come back a bit better.  My artists, once again, worked so hard painting, “riveting”, stretching fabric, and all of the miscellaneous details that go into making a set reality
The Angels in front of the in process boat

The cast sung and danced on all levels of the boat.

Costume run through in front of the bar
Luxury state room - in progress shot (a few adjustments were made to
the back wall before show time - it needed something, no?)
The ship converted to a Night Club for the "Blow Gabriel" number
The "Brig"  

They crew suitably embarrassed me by presenting me with a Bell Tower gift card, a framed and signed picture of them, and the awesome glittererized brush bouquet.  I, lamely had framed the picture of all of us (above) for each of them -but to my horror, once framed, Hue’s head was completely cut off... 

Though it was an insanely busy week (with hair calls at 3:30 for lead girls with Pin Curls), wrap times around 10:30 pm, a full work schedule at Agora, and a saturday cast party winding down at 4:30 am - it was an enjoyable time - I love the theater and it’s always a joy to be around other people who share the same passion.

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