A Little OCD

I wish I could accurately explain the inner turmoil that I've endured since finding that the baby blog that we've used for the last 3 years is shutting down.  There was something so therapeutic and comforting about being able to slowly scroll through your visual history.  Even though we're printing books of the posts (volume 1 is being printed currently) - it really bothers me that all of our history will no longer be in one space.  It also seems a bit random to just start: NOW and move forward... Though I will admit that copying all 400 + posts to this site is pure insanity (unless you think I should do it, in which case I'm totally on board)... SO I was looking back through the previous sites posts looking for a good start point and I think I've settled on our photo a day post forward.  I know that this will look crazy sauce here - like there are 20 posts on 1 day - but I think it will make me happy to know that at least our recent history is all at one spot.  I hope you agree...

So after I get that copied over I'll continue with the craziness that was today.  Man oh man these kids keep you on your toes.

More coming soon!

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