Spring Craft: Easter Cards

And the Spring Crafts continue!  I originally saw this adorable little Easter Card while perusing my current obsession inspirational goldmine:  Pinterest.  How cute is it?!?  Thumb prints?!?  That's totally up my alley.  I was intrigued by this one right away because of the colorful prints, and it turns out they cleverly used water based markers for the effect... this was a total score for us because we didn't have to purchase a darn thing to make these holiday cards for our family and friends.

The girls were super excited about crafts yesterday... but today, when I got all of the supplies together I noticed their enthusiasm waining.  Did it have to do with the fact that I was distracted as all get out because their brothers, despite all efforts on my part, would NOT stay in their cribs and nap?  (Have you ever watched your 1 1/2 year old power lift themselves dead weight style out of their crib?  It's terrifying - I don't recommend it.)   Did it have to do with the fact that they had just come home from a pre-school egg hunt and really really really really, mommy, we really really want our jelly beans?  It's hard to say, but it took some finagling to get them to sit long enough to make these today - in the end though they did a great job and, I think... had a good time.  Also, I promised them the super magic jelly beans and half a cupcake if they finished before nap time.  I rule.
So here's what we used:  Some discount ribbon and a bag of buttons for accents (both from ACMoore).  Tacky glue, Markers, Printed inside messages, 5x5 white, 6x12 pastel, and a bowl full of jelly beans (may I recommend the starburst kind?  They're totally cheaper than jellybelly and taste fab!  For the whole 2 days a year that jelly beans are in our house I can assure you that the adults are just as excited as the kids.)

We did the thumb printing first and then added the details with a fine tip marker one at a time.  I did the folding, but the girls did all the gluing.  A bit surprising to me - their favorite part was adding the buttons at the end, not the acceptable coloring of the hand part.  Who could have guessed that?
Here's some shots of the girls working on the cards and a few of their finished creations.  I think that they turned out pretty well - family, try to act surprised when they show up in the mail for you!