A Monumental Occasion

Originally posted on Wednesday, April 4, 2012
I have been waiting for this day for the last 3 years.  3 years is a blink of an eye when you're watching your children grow, but 3 years is an ETERNITY of bruises on your hip from the two oversized high chairs that really don't fit in your small/normal sized kitchen.
Today, in a little fit of inspiration PMS I called ENOUGH!  Enough of these contraptions that are so coated with food it would take a pressure washer to clean them.  Enough of the countless trays, and snaps, and those bruises!  Enough of hoisting 30 pound boys in awkward backbreaking positions.  "They're totally ready!"  I claimed... Then, with the chairs in the basement (Tony thought that may be better than the dumpster down the road... let's not be hasty, he cautioned) I set out to prepare breakfast... and then had to pause...

CRUMBS!  Breakfast is the one meal that we essentially spoon feed the boys on a regular basis... A spoke in the wheels... but when there's a spoke pull it out and press onward!  Hurray!  I love it!  They did really well too.  I made the oatmeal nice and thick (which supported being eaten with both a spoon and your opposite hand, should you so desire).  And I was sure to add lots of cut pieces of fruit should the spoon be too overwhelming.  Look how well they're doing - (disregard their goofy expressions... they're concentrating really hard)!

Well, Jack was concentrating hard... Alex kept yelling "CHEESE!!!!"

This was a pretty big change for the girls too... as they were moved from their preferred perch for the last year and a half and deposited on the opposite bench.  I think they may still need a seat of sorts on their side, but they muscled through pretty well.  They're great girls.

And here... the money shot... the view of the kitchen table area sans high chairs.  Oh the parties we could throw!  Oh the bruise-less hips we'll be sporting, the ease with which we'll go in and out to the deck.  Heaven!  This is the kind of stuff that makes me smile for days!


  1. whose kitchen is that?!?! Did you just grab that picture off of Pinterest??

    1. Oh, Aunt Sallie, how you do go on!