I Can't Believe He Ate The Whole Thing...

Originally posted Tuesday, April 3, 2012
 Proving that I really have no idea what my kids will eat:  Jackson, following a morning bowl of oatmeal, two banana's, and grapes, proceeded to climb on top of the table, grab an apple, and eat the whole freaking thing.  To the core.

 Now only the day before Jack Jack spit out the apple pieces that I cut up for his lunch.  Two days before that he knocked the applesauce from my hand while pleading for another cookie.  Today, he was a health food junkie.  He ate this apple like it was... well... a cookie!  Look at that shot at the top... I gave you that great comparison shot with a full apple for effect {clever, no?}.  I seriously had to pull the seeds out of his mouth.  It was amazing... And he was totally occupied for over 30 minutes here.  It was a great way to healthily guarantee your kids are not digging things out of the trashcan.  Score.

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