The obsession continues

Ever since I ate that proverbial frog a few weeks ago and organized the be-jezus out of my closet I've been walking around the house like a slightly deranged person... all wild eyed and jumpy, head darting this way and that... This is out of place... That doesn't make sense there.  Do they really wear these shoes?  No?  Trash them.  Trash them now.  It seems that any amount of extraneous clutter and unkempt areas are mocking my previous attempts at organization and I pounced all over this particular disaster over the weekend.

We are truly lucky to live in a beautiful home.  It really is lovely, and apart from the fact that we can no longer really afford it, we are determined to hold onto it by the skin of our teeth because... well... it's cute. And our babies were born here.  And we have plants planted for each of them.  And I have a really excellent closet.  (JK - that did NOT enter into the equation).  However, for a home that was marketed for 6 people, it has the hall closet of a 1 bedroom studio in Manhattan.  There is absolutely no way on this green earth that you are going to fit your families coats/mittens/hats/boots/scarves/bags/vacuum/extension boards for the dining room table/ plus all other oddities that we typically store in a hall closet AND have room to store a guest coat or two.

I have eventually come to grips with the no guest coat, but by jingle I really wanted to fit OUR families things in here.  I suppose that you could say that I should rotate based on seasons... but in this spring/winter/summer of global warming it could be 90 degrees one day and 45 the next... so you kind of need it all.  

I really didn't do anything fancy here, but I was really proud of how it turned out.  I just threw away an a-double scribble ton of stuff, then bought one of those $9.00 hanging bars (seriously mom, it was $9.00... I'm not exaggerating for effect, I swear), reorganized the bins, moved the girls coats to the lower rack where -bonus -they could retrieve and replace them themselves (something I'm trying to foster to support their pre-school curriculum for "independent dressing", and wa-la!  A lovely coat closet that is not embarrassing to show a guest...even if there IS only room for 1 guest hanger.

 Of course there was no really good way for me to take a picture of this... so you'll just have to stop on by and see it for yourself.  I say we have about 5 years yet where this system works.  After that their clothes and shoes will be too big... but I've already got some mental plans drawn  up in my head for a closet muck room, and it. looks. fab-ul-ouuuus!!!


  1. Quit it with the organizing!! You're putting us all to shame! My multiple laundry baskets of clean/dirty/unidentified clothing is STILL mocking me. I figure it'll probably stay there until we move again. Which will happen in, oh.. T-minus 3.5 months....

    1. It was one thing subjecting myself to the mess, but it seemed crazy with all 6 of us in one place. I can't even imagine having to pack up and move now... that would send me over the edge I think!