School Days

Originally posted on Monday, April 2, 2012
Today was a snow makeup day for preschool - (from that bizarre-o snow in October) - and my first day of spring break.  It was actually really super cool getting them ready for school and taking them there without having to rush back home to teach lesson.  Instead, I went to the grocery store, came hope and unloaded the groceries, then made it back in time to see their Easter Egg Hunt.    It was pretty much exactly what I thought our days would be like.
As we got the girls dressed today it struck me that they were wearing the same outfits that they were on the first day of school.  I forced them to stay still long enough for me to take some comparison pictures.
Amabelle and Emmaline on the first day of Preschool 2011
An unsure Emmaline on the first day of school
Emma and her bunny
A wide eyed Amabelle on the first day of school
Showing off the new backback
April 2, 2012... look at those confident smiles
Our beautiful girls... Eammaline and Amabelle

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