Watching Daddy Go

I so wish that I could have snapped this particular photo with a high res. camera and that I could have recorded the boys voices as they called bye bye to Daddy on this morning. It could have been any morning really. They do this nearly every day as Daddy goes to work - pad to the door after him and then get a bit teary as they press their noses to the window and call for their favorite guy to come back.  They wave and cry and yell bye bye for a few moments and their Nono comes to the rescue.  He lifts them up high so they can watch Daddy's work truck dive away and then cleverly distracts them by pointing out trucks and cars on the street, birds in the front yard, and clouds in the sky.
Before you know it their tears have dried and Nono will walk them back to the family room to play, and I'll quietly return to the office to keep working.  Just another everyday moment that gets you all choked up inside.


  1. Replies
    1. If you could just bottle up this love they have for everyone now and then feed it to them in their vitamins when their 13... It's almost painful how much they love you at this age.

    2. Later life will reverse all this as you wave a teary goodbye as THEY leave...