Sand Box

A few sunny shots to remind us of the spring weather we had last week.  Tony and I actually pulled out the deck furniture (realizing that waiting to paint the deck = not having any deck furniture this season), and, more to the point, opened up the little hand me down turtle sand box.  I can't even believe how great the kids were - no sand throwing, no tantrums, just lots of fun.  The girls built little towers for the boys to smash, and then I built big towers for the girls to smash.  We killed the better part of 2 hours out here one evening and it was like a little slice of heaven.  There's nothing quite like getting your hands and feet in some sand to life your spirits.


  1. Oooo! Makes me want to run out and get fresh sand for Mimi's sandbox! Can't wait for summer!

    1. they really loved it, Mimi! I think you'll have a great summer with everyone!