This and That

I apologize - Sallie and Mom, for not being up to date with my picture postings.  Goodness, I still have Moms birthday/Kentucky Derby Party to write about, and don't get me started on the garden pictures and cute kid happenings...

Things have been a bit crazy here, and by crazy I simply mean that I got distracted by life and forgot to take a picture of it.  It's mostly job woes.  Money is always an issue here, and come the end of the school year I find myself questioning my placement and wonder if there's a better fit financially somewhere else. It's not that I don't love teaching or love what I do - even where I do it... but somethings gotta give with this budget, and I think the cards are in my hand.

Last week I was at a bunch of out of home meetings to find out more about various opportunities and to explore some options.  Basically no positions are official yet, but it boils down to stay the same, less stress no money/ new locale new new new but more money/ more flexibility same money/ more stress a little more money/ and holy cow that's a lot on your plate but way to go being able to afford your mortgage and organic produce again!  Oh, and nice shoes...

Very crass to put it in blatant financial terms - I know.  I'm a bit embarrassed about it myself.  But really, finances aren't the only consideration - it's time with the kids - the ability to be more present as a wife and mother.  Time to dig in the garden again.  Maybe being able to pee during the day.

So even though there is absolutely nothing I can do about this now, I have broken out into my obligatory stress rash over this, because if there is one thing I despise it it being able to do absolutely nothing to take charge of a situation.  I abhor uncertainty.  And that's basically what we're up against here - a big wall of uncertainty.

Where's that crystal ball when you need it?

All of this is spinning around constantly in my head - and while that happened the entire family got a stomach bug and spent three days with the pukey shits.  (More on THAT amazing mother's day gift later.) I was the only man standing - and so I was quite busy being Florence Nightingale for a few days - which made me appreciate Flo ever so much, got my mind off of myself, and has me counting down the hours until it hits me...  Until then, I'll try to get a few other snap shots up here for you!


  1. First of all - STEP AWAY FROM THE HAIRBRUSH! And no forks either... no sense scratching yourself to a bloody pulp on TOP of having the stress rash.

    Second of all - have you tried meditation? No seriously. Because beyond that I can not think of any useful suggestions. Sometimes life just sucks a big one. And I'm so sorry things are so tough (and have been, really).

    Oh, and you may want to only eat dry toast and warm water for a few days, you know... just in case you get hit by the pukey shits.

    Also, think about how awesome some things are. Like your four beautiful children and your truly kickass husband who loves you no matter what - all five of them have your back, richer or poorer.

    Oh and me too. I love you no matter what, for ever and ever and always.

    1. You're a great sissy and a great auntie! Application sent for the no raise job! Here's hoping it was the right decision!