while you weren't looking

It was like the perfect storm for Alex:  Mommy was tied up with work, Daddy wasn't home yet, big Sisters were still sleeping, and someone accidentally left the bathroom door open.  I kind of knew this was happening - even though I couldn't see it... I had to finish a phone call with a parent and post the recordings of today's lessons, and I really really had to pee.  Parenting Code dictates that in a situation like this your child will either a) cover themselves with vaseline, b) take one bite out of every piece of fruit in the bowl on the table, or c) dump the toys  in the toilet.
I was completely prepared to see him ankle deep in toilet water - I was actually pretty pleased that I just found this really artful arrangement of reds, greens, and yellow - with the cleverly placed "Alex" dog as a pop of neutral.  Outsider Art, anyone?
He also was quite artful and theatrical when he threw himself on the hallway floor and sobbed dramatically for nearly 3 minutes when I calmly removed him from his little project.  If you want to see his artwork in person - you can come over -  I left it there to show daddy!  He'll be so proud!


  1. oh the wonders of children!

    1. No kidding! I really couldn't be mad about this - but if the 4 years younger me had any idea how often I'd be playing in toilets I would have run screaming!