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Man I love me some Pinspiration!  When it comes to holiday crafts for the kiddies, it's my go-to for some quick ideas that may help me occupy my favorite artists for a few moments on a given Saturday.  I came across this adorable little penguin craft a few weeks ago and it was just the inspiration I needed to get me back in crafty mommy mode after a long hiatus.  

The ladies keep themselves in art mode pretty regularly.  We have a nice array of crayons, markers, coloring books, beading kits, sewing cards, a light bright, and some play dough that I keep in the office so that they can create with me at any time.  They scribble when in the mood, practice their writing, make necklaces, or draw the family depending on how focused they are on any given day.  They seek out art time and ask to make things for family and to decorate the home.  Their dexterity and control are improving all the time and I love that they love making things.

My little men just hadn't been bitten by the art bug yet.  We've tried on a few occasions - but these sessions ended in someone sucking the paint off of the brush, biting the tips off the markers, or snapping the crayons in half.  They lost interest within minutes and we couldn't keep up with the supply turn over.  Why bother? Perhaps it just wasn't their thing.  And so, being the half assed craft parents that we are, we stopped trying.  

The aquadoodle kit from Grandma and Nono this holiday rejuvenated our efforts to get our physical boys into some fine motor action.  It's amazing the progress in their development in just a month or two.  I'm finally starting to see their ability to sustain focus on a creative activity - and not a moment to soon - because this momma (despite the above caviler statement) was starting to freak out (just a bit) about the coming Pre-School enrollment for a certain blond and brunette boy.  I just could not picture them following directions, engaging in make-believe play, coloring, or crafting.  Until today.

Today when the girls asked if we could make a craft (and I thought YES!  Yes we can because I saw one on pinterest and we totally have all of the supplies and it's not even messy!) the boys ran over to see what the stack of colorful paper was all about.  Soon their little voices could be heard chorusing:  "Me teoooo, me teooo!"  "Ackey make a craft TOO!"  Awesome!  So I cut a few extra hearts, precut some bow ties (or hair bows) in the desired child colors, set out the placemats and we got to work!

The girls were great - they listened to directions and were excellent examples for the boys.  They even cut their own hearts (following the good ole "hold the fold" method).  But my little men!  I was so proud!  Just look at their concentration and their pride.  The worked so hard and after some trial and error (you can't peel off the heart you just glued more than 5 times before it will rip) created TWO adorable projects.  That's right!  We went from 0 minutes of sustained activity to FOURTY in just one go!  After they finished their Heart Penguins they asked for more - and so we made, in one afternoon, the boys first craft AND their first collage.

Jackson's first collage

Alexander's first collage
After my little artists went for their naps their big sisters helped me to make our first holiday display - they cut extra hearts and we arranged our love penguins on our patio doors.  (I've decided that if I was, in fact, home with the kiddos everyday that we would need to install bulletin boards in the house to display all of our creations.  As it is, I suppose I should be thankful that Saturday and only Saturday is the "official" art day.

Doesn't their work look lovely?  What a cheerful site to greet us on these cold winter days!  The artists, from the left are:  Amabelle, Emmaline, Alexander, and Jackson.  Three cheers for our first ever four kiddo craft day!  Hip Hip, Horray!

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