Bella's Morning Cuddle

Originally posted on Tuesday, February 28, 2012
 Each morning our day is ushered in by the padding of little Bella feet. Our first riser, who climbs silently into our bed, clicks her lip rubbing her favorite spot on her blanket, then after several minutes will usher a bit of wisdom. 
“Mommy it’s important to do things with love.”  click click click, nuzzle nuzzle.  Some days the thoughts may not be as philosophical:  “Goat rhymes with tugboat.  Goat, Tugboat, Goat, Tugboat!  They rhyme!!!”  click click click, nuzzle nuzzle.  “Your bed is a rectangle.”
Though there are days that I have to be up before our soft alarm clock, there are other days that I find myself delaying putting my feet on the cold floor just to wait for a few snuggles from our little blond girl.  It’s a pretty great way to start a day.

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  1. Perfect morning ritual. Definitely beats Nittany's morning cuddle. :)