May I help you? No...

Originally posted on Monday, February 27, 2012

Starring in the role of our first child to respond to every question with no:  Jackson Oliver!    (And the crowd goes wild!)
It’s actually quite comical at this point - which is probably why it continues.  Jack will answer just about any and all question with “no”.
Are you sleepy?  Noooooo.
Are you hungry, honey?  Noooo
Jack, Jack - want your cuppy?  Nooooo.... ohhhh cup! Cup!
His response is about as good of an indicator of his actual desires as the weather report is a prediction of snow.  
What usually has Mommy and Daddy hiding snickers behind their hands is the twinkly eyed smirk and head shake that accompanies the word.  It’s a whole package.  No at this point is seldom an angry word, more of a testing of the sound and amusement at our response.  He is quite pleased with himself... when he isn’t throwing a fit to indicate that he is, in fact, not pleased with anything.  It’s Jackson’s charming mix of bipolar qualities that keep us on our toes.  Tantrums followed by arms around the neck cuddles.  Bites followed by aye-ayes... No’s followed by award winning grins...  I tried to get a bit of the “no combo” in action today... ignore, as we did, the squeals and neglected cries of the other 3 children in the background.  They’ll have their own video soon! 

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