A Little Bit Irish

Originally posted on Sunday, March 18, 2012
Aunt Carole, Mimi, and GG all decked out in their Irish finery
What is it about St. Patrick's day that makes us all feel like we're a little bit Irish?  No one fake celebrates Republic Day on June 2.  We don't don lederhosen on St. Swithin day... but St. Pat's?!?  We're all over it. Maybe it's because we all look good in Green - or because we need SOMETHING to make us think spring is coming before Easter gets here... Or perhaps it PopPop's amazing selection of Irish inspired beverages (I'd like to recommend the Irish Gold Martini - seriously delish!)
This year's celebration coincided with an early celebration of the March Birhday's (apparently some family members who shall remain nameless, had things like musicals and concert tickets on the more date appropriate possibilities - but no worries.  We wore our green, drank our drinks, ate the fine prepared Irish Fare, and then blew out the candles on the 3 guest specific birthday cakes.  (That Mimi sure does go overboard!)  Here are some pictures of our {fun} family celebration!

{the prep}  Mimi and PopPop always find little ways to let the kids help with the cooking.  Today they got to help with the pie crust and making the whipped cream.  Well done kiddos!
A special cuddle from Mimi
A picnic lunch after all the cooking

{the get-ups}  I really had no idea what we were up against here.  I thought I was good with green earrings and a cardi... check out the rest of the fam.!
PopPop and the boys - he greeted us at the door in the had and bow tie - getting that party started right away!
Two pretty awesome hosts... Your Mimi and PopPop are the cutest!
Irish Car-bombs for the men - no chipped teeth, so I'd say it was successful!
Aaron and Auntie (Love this pic)
Jake and Auntie Laura
The girls modeling their Irish Jewels
Big Grins from Alex
And a similar looking grin from Daddy
{cake time} Mimi made chocolate cake for Auntie, Pecan Pie for PopPop, and Strawberry Shortcake for me... Having sampled all of them I have to say each was pretty fantastic, but I DO so love my shortcake... We blew out candles in age order, but Auntie's petitioning a different classifying system for next year!

Thanks for the wonderful party!  


  1. Oh I'm so glad you took so many pictures! Great memories!

  2. It really was a fun party! You and dad are like party throwing royalty! I actually have lots more pictures, but with this new format they are all in a row and it would take forever. Still mourning my old blog a bit.

  3. Way to get in the spirit and celebrate my fav holiday of the year!

    1. way to get into the spirit and read my blog on your day off!