The boys...  (co-starring my shoes)
You guys, I did it... I snuck in at night and caught Alex and Jack sleeping in the same crib!  It was all for you, Aunt Sallie!  Picture taking was a bit rough - as it was DARK!, but you can hopefully absorb some of the adorable quotient here...

Since I know you'll ask - I DID leave them together this night - but sometimes I do move Alex back to his own crib.  I think I do every other night, because my bipolar parenting becomes more apparent the later it gets.  I'm obviously not a twin - so I feel like I'm the last person that should break up the twin vibe... maybe this is something that they need.  Something that helps them feel close together.  I think there's books about it so far be it from me to stand in the way, as I still have residual guilt for not putting them in the same crib as infants.
Alexander Joseph
Jackson Oliver
Then the morning comes, and Alex wakes up super early, steps on Jacks face on his way back out of the crib, thus waking the child that really needs his sleep and then all that sentimental twin stuff from the night before is thrown out the window.

They boys are obviously too young for me to ask, so I'm only speculating, but I do tend to suppose that Alex winding up in Jacks crib at night has more to do with his clever stunt man techniques and desire to scale walls then it does a magnetic bond...
Or maybe I'm off... yeah, there's a bond.  I'm sure of it - kind of.


  1. You're funny Mommy! You'll be glad you took these pics...

  2. Replies
    1. now I just need to get the video of ALex getting out of the crib!