Early Spring Walk

Originally posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Tony corralling the boys pre-walk
We have been cooped up for far, far, farfarfarfarfaaaaaarrrr too long.  Did I mention that it seems like a really long time since we've been outside?  It sounds crazy, even to me, because this was just about the most mild winter the north east has seen since the Dinosaurs roamed, but it's difficult!  It's difficult to get them all bundled up and out the door waddling like little weeble wobbles, and also I am eternally tired from the dual jobs, and Tony's exhausted from doing everything  around the house.  But today I happily set work aside and we all trooped out doors for a post dinner walk.  

It was one of those great family moments when Tony and I feel like we're doing everything right and that we may get our own theme song we're so fabulous.  The kids were well behaved and generally adorable, everyone got along, and no one cried that the walk was too long.  The boys even made it until about 2 blocks from home  - so Tony and I carried them on our shoulders the rest of the way.  We looked pretty darn cute, I can tell you.

What I absolutely love about having all 4 kids together during a time when we have nothing else to accomplish is that we actually have a moment to see each of their personalities shine through.
 Emma - giddily running ahead, chasing her pinwheel, and then doubling back to make sure that everyone is okay.
Belle - happily running after Emma, but stopping every few houses to look at flowers, lawn ornaments, and her shadow.
 Alex - exploring every car, every drive way, every fire hydrant - but showing crazy bursts of speed in-between each exploration.

Jack - pausing only to play the drums on electric boxes and to look at dogs (that were safely beyond reach), longing to keep up with the girls.

Oh for the sunny days of summer and the evening freedom to make these walks a daily occurrence - because as we all well know, the kids sleep the best after a nice stint outdoors... Oh, and I love watching their sturdy little legs running too.

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