Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you got till it's gone...

Mimi and PopPop lead Alex, Jack, Emma (and a trailing Bella) on an after dinner walk.

Aw man.  REALLY?!?  Now, on April 22nd you're going to get all seasonal on us?  We had all settled into Spring.  We put the slightly outgrown winter clothes in bags last week and sent it to Goodwill.  I bought suntan lotion and we've played in the sandbox barefoot.  Suckers.  Winter was like "WHAT'S UP PEEPS!  I've got me one more blast of gross for  Ya'll!"  (Winter is apparently confused about his upbringing - it's part of what makes him so cranky.)  And so it is that we find ourselves currently turning the heat on, scrounging up some footy pajamas, and hunkering in for a week or more of 40 degree rainy nonsense that has even the kids pissed off.  And 45 degrees is SO MUCH WORSE after 75 degrees - am I right?

By late last week we had settled into a lovely routine here - and that routine involved being outside as much as possible.  The carpets, oh how clean... the toy bins stayed organized... and the kids were blissfully happy.   Auntie Carole had the kiddos out digging and coloring during the day.  We played on the deck and swings after naps and took walks with whoever was able bodied after dinner.  We practiced games of tag and Mother May I, dug in the sandbox, and rolled down the hill.  And now I feel personally responsible for not expressing my upmost gratitude and appreciation for the warm sun, soft breeze, and beautiful outdoor time that we were blessed with for the last few weeks.  

Me with all four kiddos getting ready to head on an after dinner walk
(leaving daddy with a nice amount of un interrupted clean up time)
Jackson and Alexander are all smiles in their little red wagon
I know that the warm weather will return and with it the boys will stop hugging the garage door while half crying "ott-side, ott-side pees".  (Jack does this in increasing decibels to see if the reason that we're not adhering to his request is his simply because we couldn't hear him.)  I know that the glow will return to their cheeks and the fresh air will once again be a major part of each day, and I will try to be far more appreciative the next time around.


  1. That would be fun! Warm weather and a REALLY big sandbox! PA will get there eventually! (Gotta get Dad to work on that swingset before I'm due to babysit!)

    1. I've never seen four people so committed to the outdoors... it seems so un-"forrer" of them! It's so great to see their joy being in the fresh air!