{egg}cellent painting

It was a little late in the day on Saturday that we remembered the Egg-Painting.  Whoops.  I can't say that I thought it out over much - just boiled some eggs (after googling and checking with 3 people on how to do it - for some reason I thought it may be harder then it actually is), slapped a table cloth on the table, and coated some Q-Tips in food coloring.  As a last minute snazz-a-razz decision I grabbed some 3-d foam stickers to jazz up any white spots.

Amabelle concentrating super hard on her eggs.  She covered every spot and carefully chose her stickers to match.
Emmaline was so excited to do her easter egg paintings.  She loved picking her stickers to decorate each egg.

Emma's new "cheese" face
This year was {egg}stra special because it was the first year that the boys joined us in the festivities.  They were greatly intrigued... and slightly curious as to what would happen if they dropped the eggs on the floor.  Unfortunately, monitoring the boys and their {egg}scapades took more hands then we had available and I didn't get any pictures of little Jack doing a really fabulous job on his little blue egg.  He's crying here because we had to remove the blue food dye from his mouth.  But look at that nice easter egg! 
Jack Jack's first easter egg!
Alex was excited to start, but was very very curious as to how everything would taste.  After a few dabs with the red we switched his eggy with some crackers.  That worked very well!
Alex's Rad Red Easter Egg
I'm thinking that next year, if I remember to plan in advance, I'd like to try some of the neat dip dye and watercolor versions that I saw online.  The kiddos had a fun time with these, but I think the entire event took approximately 8 minutes.  I believe we are ready to step up our game.


  1. Oh, it looks like you had such a darling time! I haven't painted eggs in years and although Easter has passed, I may take a stab at it, just for fun :)

    1. Madalynne, I think that's the best part about kids... getting to do all the little kid things again - guilt free!

  2. Cuuuute! I sure do miss Easter egg dyeing - or really any Easter festivities (although the beach Easter just might become a new favorite tradition :)

    I think our family is the only family that did the whole painting with Q-tips and food coloring thing. I think most families do the dip-dye method. But then how do you make boobs and other anatomical parts with your eggs when you're a teenager??? Only with Q-tips can one artfully render a bloodshot eye on said easter egg.... ohhh man... good times. good times....

    1. HA! I was watching their super innocent egg painting and thought... damn, at SOME POINT they'll make boobs and bloodshot eyes instead!

    2. That Alex... He'll definitely be making some questionable body part eggs....