Of Easter {2012}

Easter Morning 2012
The sun rose on a beautiful Easter morning this year, and in this house four happy and eager kiddos rushed down stairs to see if the holiday delivered a magic that only they could grasp.  The four brightly colored balls hidden around the family room greeted them and sent them into peals of giggles as they bounded around the house bouncing like the balls they were chasing.

After they all had ample time to enjoy their first treat we started searching for our baskets.  The girls had done this three times now and were old pro's whipping back the curtains, opening doors, looking under the tables.  Amabelle found her basket first and immediately began checking the contents:  A purple dress, sunglasses, bubble bath, new garden tools, the tastefully portioned candy bags...
Emmaline soon discovered her basket in the hall closet, and though her basket was similarly adorned to her sisters, but it was still fun to see what the bunny had left for her.
For the boys, this was the first time hunting for an Easter Basket, but they did splendidly.  Their eyes grew wide and filled with wonder when they pealed back the table cloth to discover their baskets.  Daddy Bunny had dug up special trucks for garden play, new trains, and some big boy forks and spoons.  There were was an obligatory new spring outfit and some sun hats too, so that the boys could stop wearing their sisters beautiful  floral ones.

After we explored our baskets we got dressed in our easter finery, provided by Mimi and PopPop.  Beautiful spring dresses and easter bonnets for the ladies and handsome boy jeans and shirts with a lovely nautical sweater for the men.
Jackson Oliver, April 8, 2012 (still loving those apples)
Alexander Joseph, April 8, 2012
Amabelle Grace, April 8, 2012
Emmaline Rose, April 8, 2012
Soon it was time to head over to Mimi and PopPop's house for the main attraction:  The Easter Egg Hunt!  As usual, the grandparents with the help of Auntie went way over-board and spoiled my 4 little bunnies with all sorts of spring goodies.  Magic wands, beautiful spring clothes, a stunningly red Phillies warm up suit, and more candy then two parents can sort in 2 hours.  The egg hunt was lovely, green grass, sparkling sunshine, and four of the happiest hunters I've seen in a while.
The girls were so ready to go, and a bit irritated that I made them wait
at the top of the steps until everyone was ready.
Alex checking out the lay of the land - don't you want to
nibble that little ear?
Emma looks out over the yard to see if she missed any eggs
Bella trying on her Princess Crown
Mini and Emma show off her spoils
PopPop helps Bella look through her basket
In typical Amabelle fashion, she searched out each egg in an almost methodical fashion.  Emmaline came into her own with the hunting this year and combined her speed and agility with some eagle eyed glances and quickly filled her own basket as well.  

The boys - well that was something so see.  Alex found the first thing off the deck - a rubber duck - and spent a significant portion of the morning quacking... And not a little "quack quack" but this gutteral "wrqaaak" ing kind of sound.  Jack was so excited by all of the running that he - well he ran.  He darted this way and that with the happiest face yelling "GO GO GO!!!"  And then of course they went down the side head first repeatedly.

Alex doing his duck impersonation
Handsome Man, Jack
PopPop shows Jack an Egg
Looking quite regal at the top of the play set
Jack getting ready to dive down the slide 
Trying on sissy's easter bonnet
After the egg hunt we returned to the house and enjoyed our Easter Brunch and Mimosa's (curtesy of PopPop) and relaxed a bit as the kiddos, worn out from a busy morning, napped.  The adults put the finishing touches on dinner and when they awoke we dined on a lovely collective dinner effort that had something for everyone.  
I couldn't get enough of this little man's smiles today!  He was handing
them out like it was his job!
Mimi and Belle played Bridge for Jack and his cart
Alex leans in to give GG a big kiss
Handsome Alex and Daddy
Tony and I with Alex - he was all about posing for pictures today,
must have been the new hair cut!
Auntie with Jack (as he yells:  CHEESE!)
It truly was a lovely holiday, full of family and a feeling of rebirth and the newness and possibilities that the season brings.  It was the perfect cap to a wonderful week... one that always seems to end too soon and leave me craving the family time, mild weather, and slower pace that summer brings.  Until it comes I'll force myself to slow down and enjoy the budding trees and try to channel the love end energy that my kiddos had all day.  Happy Easter Everyone!
Four Generations of wonderful women:  Bella, Mimi, GG, Auntie, Mommy, and Emma


  1. The Easter Bunny sure was busy this year! Nice memories!

  2. that looks like some fun Easter-ing!! I can't get over how much of a little man Alex looks with his new hair do's.