Originally posted on Saturday, February 25, 2012
I’ve had Orchids before.  They are so exotic and gorgeous and for me they are typically dead within a month.  Generally I think I’m okay with plants... but Orchid’s have proved the exception.  Last year, after PopPop Hilbert passed away the staff of the Musical sent me an orchid.
 I was charmed and thankful, but also a bit wary... it would be horrible to have a hand in the demise of a plant symbolizing my grandfathers life.  I did a bit of internet research and found all sorts of conflicting reports.  And so I set the plant on the kitchen sill, watered it occasionally, trimmed of dying blossoms and wondered what to make of the gift over the winter when it seriously looked like a random twig.  Amazingly, and against all odds the plant has seemed exceedingly  happy of late.  Sprouting blossoms and branches, and unfurling these magnificent blooms.  The delicate stem and hearty flowers always bring a smile to my face. 

I asked Elsie, the family florist (who stopped by over valentines day with a beautiful arrangement from my mom and dad) if there was anything I should be doing to ensure the health of the plant.  Imagine my surprise when she reported that this is one of the healthiest, happiest orchids she’s seen in some time.  Imagine my greater surprise when she reported that I’m doing nearly everything wrong - from the pot to the watering style.  She conceded, however that the plant looks great and so I should probably keep doing what I’m doing.  As Elsie pulled away and I turned back to look at the cheerful blooms I couldn’t help but think that perhaps the health and good nature of my orchid had less to do with my green thumb and far more to do with the watchful eye of the worlds best tomato grower.  At least I’d like to think so.

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