little love trees

I was so inspired by the success of last weeks little craft-scapade that I spent much of the next week seeking out an additional love inspired project for my budding artists.  Presenting week two of valentines crafts;  the little love tree!



It goes without saying that when parents are prepared for an event - it most likely will not happen.  Thats why we drive around with tiny potties, diapers, first aid kits, extra granola bars, and applesauce packs in our car.  It's why at the end of each season we pack up four pairs of hardly used snow boots to send to good will.  Our little part of the world is nestled between two rather cozy hills - and those hills do all they can to keep massive amounts of snowfall off of our streets - to the dismay of every school age student in the county.  

The first winter that the girls could "play" in the snow we regaled ourselves with a multitude of mittens, hats, pants, coats, and boots.  I believe we used them once.  The year after , if memory serves,  we were startling unprepared (discouraged by the lack of snow the prior year), as such we missed the biggest snow of the season.  It seems the more prepared we were for snow, the less snow we got.  So, much to the disappointment of four little kiddos on Rosebud Street, four new pairs of goulashes complete with winter welly socks have been sitting unused.  Until this Sunday!


it's been piling up...

We have excellent intentions - every day, every week, every year.  We plan and scheme to make our lives go a bit smoother. We make resolutions to spend more time with family, with each other.  To exercise, to keep up with blogs (wink wink), to visit local churches, and - nobly - to keep up with the laundry.  


they're crafty

Man I love me some Pinspiration!  When it comes to holiday crafts for the kiddies, it's my go-to for some quick ideas that may help me occupy my favorite artists for a few moments on a given Saturday.  I came across this adorable little penguin craft a few weeks ago and it was just the inspiration I needed to get me back in crafty mommy mode after a long hiatus.